MMSI is recognized as the premier surveying firm in the inland river system, especially with respect to casualty response projects and our experienced and dedicated team of professional surveyors.

Our surveyors, available 24/7 for casualty response projects, possess the skills to mitigate multi-million dollar losses. These skills evolve from a strong knowledge of vessel design & construction; the issues surrounding marine insurance coverage, safety and personal injury losses, third-party damage incidents; and an understanding of liability exposure for large loss events. Our surveyors utilize a practical, hands-on approach towards casualty situations and demonstrate a keen sense of economics in protecting our clients' interests. The expertise we exhibit in handling large catastrophic response

projects, has positioned MMSI as the surveying firm of choice for most major barge lines, shipping lines, tugboat operators, insurance companies, banks and leasing companies, and attorneys involved in the maritime industry.

While in the past we delivered our services primarily to clients involved in inland river businesses, MMSI now provides them for the Great Lakes and ocean marine transportation and shipping industries as well. To more effectively meet the needs of our clients who are involved and do business in the ocean marine industries, we have offices staffed by surveyors with blue water expertise, on the east, west and gulf coasts. MMSI also has surveyors located in St. Louis, MO, Paducah, Ky, Greenville, MS, and Memphis, TN.


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